Open Heart Brooch

October 29, 2008

At Maker Faire Austin, Jimmie Rogers gave me one of his Open Hearts to work into a portable brooch. I used a LilyPad Arduino board and sandwiched the two back to back, using two layers of fabric to insulate the circuit boards. I used conductive thread to make the connections, and I dangled the board sandwich from the LilyPad power supply, to which I attached a safety pin for making it a brooch. Because of the way I made it, I have access to the programming pins on the Arduino so I can change the animations any time I want.

I made an instructable about how I put it together. You can also view my flickr set. Thanks Jimmie!

Here’s a video of it in action:

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2 Responses to “Open Heart Brooch”

  1. Becky says:

    Hi, really enjoying your blog! Where did you get the awesome T-shirt you’re wearing in this post?

  2. Becky Stern says:

    Limited issue college club shirt! =]

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