Whenever I bring my TV-B-Gone out to restaurants, I look suspicious pointing it around. So I embedded the device into a jacket and turned it into a wearable TV silencer. For the switch, I sewed paths of conductive thread that become bridged by the metal zipper pull when it passes by. At the restaurant or bar, all I have to do is unzip my jacket to turn off the TV(s).

More info in the CRAFT post and Make: Project.

TV-B-Gone Jacket | 2011 | Original Project Video Series, Portfolio, Tech | Comments (2)

2 Responses to “TV-B-Gone Jacket”

  1. lisa says:

    You are SO clever! I love the crazy stuff you come up with. I have ideas, but you actually implement yours… WELL DONE! (and very fashionable too!!)

  2. LUKE says:

    YES!!! that is the sweetest project!!

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