Yu-Hsiang “Shaun” Chung

Shaun Chung


Hello everyone! I am Yu-Hsiang “Shaun” Chung, a second year MFADT student. I come from Taipei, Taiwan. For my undergraduate, I double majored in Media Studies and Studio Arts. I came to Parsons because I like Typography and want to learn more about it. In my free time, I like to play Taiko (Japanese Drumming.) One of my favorite works is the design job I have done for my Taiko group. Here you can find the blog and the Happi Coat (traditional Japanese costume for playing Taiko) that I designed for my group.

Boring little Fact: I use “Shaun” as my Nick/English name because the pronunciation of “Shaun” is very close to “Hsiang” and “Hsiang” is very hard to pronounce for people who are not familiar with Chinese, especially with “Hs…” It’s “Shaun” and not “Sean” or “Shawn” because I don’t have “e” or “w” in the original spelling of my name “Yu-Hsiang.” Sorry, I like to mumble…

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Posted by Shaun Chung | People | Tags: | September 06, 2010 | | Comments (12)

12 Responses to “Yu-Hsiang “Shaun” Chung”

  1. Troy says:

    Is your Rubik’s Cube stamp piece for sale?

  2. digdog says:

    I LOVE your design, especially you’re making the direction from top to down, right to left. That’s classic. Well done!

  3. Jack Chen says:

    I teach classical Chinese literature at UCLA. I would love one of these cubes — if you are planning to produce more and sell them, please let me know!
    Jack Chen

  4. [...]  三字經對我們來說是如此的具有文化教育意義,我們學習了這老祖宗的智慧結晶,再用來問候別人的祖宗…不是那個國罵三字經啦!人之初、性本善是這麼的令人神往,可惜大多數人比較常掛在嘴上的卻仍然是乾冷涼(是在作天氣預報嗎)。一位在Parsons設計學院的Yu-Hsiang Chung,把三字經和魔術方塊搞在一起變成活字方塊,絕對讓你玩到眼歪嘴斜腦打結。 [...]

  5. your sister says:

    I’m really proud of you!!

  6. [...] 設計者的部落格:http://sternlab.org/artfortheinternet/2010/09/yu-hsiang-shaun-chung/ [...]

  7. [...] 台湾版画艺术家Yu-Hsiang “Shaun” Chung制作了一只《三字经》活字魔方,木头质地。《三字经》,每三字一句,四句一组,恰好符合魔方的形态。他希望通过这只活字魔方,留住某些即将消失在快速变化中的信息时代的中国文明,如木活字印刷术和传统启蒙书籍《三字经》。 [...]

  8. DZ MENG says:

    Hi Shaun:
    where can i buy your cube? I am in melbourne Australia.
    Thank you very much!

  9. 三字經魔術方塊 says:


  10. Thankfulness to my father who told me about this web site, this weblog is in fact remarkable.

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